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Reliability is an important factor in the trading of used forklifts. For us, this means providing a maximum of detail and transparency, while for you this means:

  • All technical specifications are real data 
  • Every vehicle passes through our comprehensive technical equipment acceptance procedure 
  • The condition and value of all equipment is determined precisely 
  • A broad range and immediately available offer at market prices 
  • Competence in technology and consultation 
  • Logistics, including all formalities, which are executed exactly and implemented on schedule 

The equipment data made available to you here are basic data. We record much more data within the framework of our extensive technical equipment acceptance, which we are glad to make available you e.g. in a full offer. In this way, you have an exact overall picture regarding every detail, appearance and condition, as well as any possible repair requirement. Please contact our marketing team; we look forward to hearing from you. 

Or you can register with us simply online. 

Your advantage - more information - more functions:

  • Extended technical data (hours of operation, equipment loading) immediately available 
  • Define your favorite themes and you always have an overview of what particularly interests you 
  • Make use of our neutral quotation printout 

We inform you on-going through our newsletter dispatch.

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