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BREMEN is a medium-sized, private company, with nearly
40 years of experience in the business of used fork lift trucks worldwide.

As an internationally operating, independent dealer in used forklift trucks, we offer you over 850 machines to choose from our warehouse - with more than 10.000 square meters of storage area - All machines are form well known manufacturers, and we hold on stock a full range of models covering all types of engine and performance.
We specialize in products of German manufacturers as well as in warehouse handling systems.

At TRAFIK BREMEN, partnership is our principle.  Our team includes management, represented by Ms Sylvia Rühmann and Mr. Dieter Klein, and 30 employees.
All of them have extensive experience and expertise in the industry.


Our long-time experience in the branch, comprehensive competence within various division as well as the ability of learning from one another is the basis of our daily activities and of the success of our company.  For more than 40  years our customer has been the focal point in all of our activities. With a maximum on professionalism and a clear target we are able to challenge almost every difficulty. It is important to us to constantly improve and extend our offer.  Our well-organised and selective approach, continuous exchange of experience between one and another and improving permanently our communication skills result in an actice business culture of our company. 


When dealing in used forklift trucks reliability is of paramount importance. For us, this means a maximum on precision at capturing the details of forklifts as well as comprehensive technical knowledge of their evaluation. After its entry, each machine undergoes a thorough inspection by our team of technicians. During the inspection we apply over 70 criteria and make various photos from each forklift, providing this way our customers with extensive and fairly exact data of overall technical condition of the machine and enabling them indetify and evaluate the cost of possible repairs.


Thanks to our experience, we are in the position to offer you high competence in technology and consulting. On request you will receive from us by email and within a few minutes a comprehensive offer with detailed data and pictures. Each forklift beeing subject of our offer is for immediate supply. All technical data are authentic. We provide variuos photos of each forklift. The condition and the value of the truck are determined individually. At any time you can find pictures and technical details of the forklifts on our internet page


Our professional sales team are well experienced and are beeing permanently skilled in to meet your requierements. Technical support, professional offer generation, transportation planning, generation of documents for customs clearance - our experienced team knows how to do this. With our professionalism and our long-time experience we are in position to offer you a fast and smooth execution of your orders - country-to-country, door-to-door - We will welcome your telephone calls and emails.


Supported by an reliable ERP - and document management sytem we ensure you on time and accurate execution. The engagement of our skilled and motivated employees as well as an open-minded and responsible management team are supported by a comprehensive Quality Management System. Trafik Bremen is certified: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Our company has got the status of  "Full Authorised Economic Operator" AEO F